Are you worried about your retirement?
Do you feel trapped in the 9-5 grind?
Are you unsure of how to move forward?
This program is for you.

Join us and see a visible difference to your mindset and financial life in just 5 weeks.

Chris Childs
Five Weeks To Wealth program

Presented by Chris Childs, this comprehensive program delivers everything you need to accelerate your financial future. In just 5 weeks you'll recieve tools, workbooks and strategies that can be implemented immediately. Chris will introduce you to a wide range of experts in banking and finance, property research, accounting, financial planning and superannuation for information and advice on each topic. This program gives you direct access to have your finance questions personally answered by Chris and her personal selection to trusted industry professionals.


Take Control
Your finances effect nearly every area of your life. Getting in control will allow you to make intentional decisions to make life better for you and your family.


Worry Less
How much time do you currently spend worring about money? Wouldn't it be a relief to be able to channel that time and energy into something else? We have the tool to help you make this reality.


Make Plans
Knowledge without a plan is useless. That's why we've built a planning phase into this program. Know where you are and where you're going then work dilligently to get there.


Get Connected
Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people can help you stay focused, give you motivation and make you more accountable. This is a great place to build that community.

5 weeks to wealth:
week by week program


Introduction and Mindset Mastery

Monday, 4 Feb 2019, 6-9pm

Mindset is a huge part of getting started. Mindset Mastery covers everything from analysing the fears and phobias that have held us back to date from getting to where we want to be, mastering stress and teaches you how to manage external pressure from negative media and conflicting advice. This session gives you the tools you will need to combat these fears and set firm written goals on what you are trying to achieve and sets a path on how you are going to achieve it.


Money Mastery

Monday, 11 Feb 2019, 6-9pm

This session is all about getting control of your money, learning the tricks and tips of money management, fast debt reduction (paying your home loan off in less than 7 years instead of 25), setting up your banking so you are in control, not the banks. We teach you the strategies of budgeting without reducing lifestyle and how to ensure you avoid the pitfalls of consumer debt and reduce it quickly if you are already in it. Once you have your money organised, we look at how to set your investment side up to get organised for a comfortable retirement.

We will discuss how to set your bank accounts up, and how to review your current loans and mortgages – and so much more.


Property Mastery

Monday, 18 Feb 2019, 6-9pm

Now we have our money organised, we will be branching out into property education. We will look at all of the strategies of creating wealth through property. This session covers everything from how to create a property portfolio without cash, using equity and OPM (Other People’s Money) to managing the holding costs. We discuss research, how to find the best property in the right area at the right time of the market, and the seven secrets to maximising your investment property return.


Retirement Mastery

Monday, 25 Feb 2019, 6-9pm

Bringing together the best of money management and property expertise, we look at the quickest and easiest way to retire on a property portfolio with an ongoing and increasing income. We will, with the help of our success team members, discuss Superannuation, the pros and cons of Self-Managed Super Funds, compare Shares versus Property and explain the best way to manage your money in retirement so you are on an increasing income without reducing wealth.


Implementation Mastery

Monday, 4 Mar 2019, 6-9pm

In the final week we will be summarising the Five Weeks to Wealth modules, and putting together a personalised implementation session to ensure you have a complete roadmap to guide you through your wealth journey. We will summarise and review the previous Mastery Sessions and review your goals again now that you have the complete picture of what is possible.

Bookings are now open for this first-of-its-kind program to be offered on the Sunshine Coast

In 5 weeks, Chris will make crystal clear how to get your money under control and how to set yourself up for the future without sacrificing your lifestyle today.

This intimate group will have interactive sessions and will help build on your plan for the future with tools, workbooks and strategies that can be implemented immediately. You will be able to see a visible difference to your mindset and financial life in 5 weeks.

  • Intimate group setting, numbers are strictly limited
  • Interactive sessions to help you plan for your future
  • Tools, workbooks and stategies that you can implement immediately
  • See a visible difference to your financial mindest in 5 weeks


  • Mon, 5 Aug – 6-9pm – Mindset Mastery
  • Mon, 12 Aug – 6-9pm – Money Mastery
  • Tue, 20 Aug – 6-9pm – Property Mastery
  • Mon, 26 Aug – 6-9pm – Retirement Mastery
  • Tue, 3 Sep – 6-9pm – Implementation Mastery

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What our clients are saying about Five Weeks To Wealth

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the last 5 weeks, Not only was your "5 weeks to wealth" course informative and fun, it truly gave me an insight into how money and property work.

The 5 weeks to wealth kept me focused on where it is I want to be, I really believe that the knowledge I have gained makes me so much more confident with wealth and property - I find it so enjoyable and inspirational watching our property portfolio growing and our hard earned cash working for us.

I will recommend this course to anyone whether they are a Think Money Client or not - it is easy to understand and I walked away last night with so much new found knowledge. BRILLIANT!"

- Liane Henderson

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